Anthony Waller


Year of Call: 2018

Practice Group(s): Crime

Portrait of Anthony Waller


LLB law (hons) Polytechnic of Wales 1989
Law Society Final Examinations 1990
Higher Rights Qualification 2006

Practice Profile:

Anthony joined chambers having transferred to the Bar following a 25 year career as a solicitor specialising in Criminal Defence. He obtained his Higher Courts Qualification in 2006 and has since then represented clients in both the Magistrates Court and the Crown Court on a variety of matters including dishonesty and fraud, serious violent and serious sexual offences.

As a former solicitor he has an understanding of the full nature of a criminal investigation from the initial arrest and detention at the police station through to charge and any subsequent Court appearances.

His year of call does not reflect the wealth of experience he has as a Criminal Defence practitioner

Notable Cases:

R -v- A. Benefit fraud involving an attempt to defraud in the region of £3m

R -v- C [Nov 2013] Instructed as sole counsel in connection with a complex prosecution involving a dangerous serial sex offender. Lee Cyrus, a lifer at HMP North Sea Camp in Lincolnshire, escaped in autumn 2012 and was at large for 3 months. A nationwide manhunt followed for this Crimewatch “most wanted” individual. He stalked women in a black balaclava, armed with a knife and committed numerous, increasingly serious offences including sex offences, wounding with intent, aggravated burglary, knife-point robbery, affray, wounding and burglary of mainly elderly, vulnerable women in their own homes

R -v P [2010]. Banksy art and MacLaren Westwood clothing fraud

R -v- B [2012] EWCA Crim 2118. Appeal against sentence for robbery in the home, possession of a firearm, attempted robbery, theft and possession of an offensive weapon

R -v- J [2017] Historic sex offences committed by teacher against pupils

R -v- B [2018] EWCA Crim 2506. AG reference in respect of sentence for arson being reckless as to whether life was endangered.


Middle Temple