Joy Dykers


Year of Call: 1995

Practice Group(s): Crime

Portrait of Joy Dykers

BA Classics (Oxford), PGDL (City University), BVC (ICSL).

Practice Profile:
Joy is a specialist Defence advocate with extensive experience of representing clients charged with a wide range of serious criminal offences. She is known for being approachable and calm, for her thorough preparation and her robust, focussed advocacy. Always identifying the key issues in a case at an early stage, Joy works closely and proactively with her lay and professional clients to provide the highest quality advice and representation from the outset.

Recent Notable Cases:

Homicide/serious violence

R v Tautz: Manslaughter. Defendant, nanny to 10 month old boy, alleged to have caused his death by shaking. Extensive and complex expert medical evidence covering various aspects of shaken baby syndrome/non-accidental head injury.
R v Koxha: Attempted murder. Xmas eve axe attack by Defendant on his ex-partner's new boyfriend.
R v Mason: Acid attack: D charged under s.29 OAPA 1861. Successful application to dismiss on issue of ID.
R v Cooper: Multi-handed kidnap and s.18. Defendant and others assault and abduct 16 year old boy and drive him from Hampshire to London in car boot. Cut throat defence - against Defendant's own father.
R v Raji: s.18 - inmate on inmate assault with boiling water at HMP Thameside.
R v Henry-Edwards: s.18 - stabbing of female passenger on night bus; 17 year old female Defendant.
R v Obisesan: s.18 on pregnant ex-partner, allegedly to pressurise her into abortion. Complainant in fear; legal argument re. admission of her evidence via hearsay provisions.
R v Sokhi: Conspiracy to rob; series of 16 cash in transit robberies across London; [2016] EWCA Crim 750.
R v O'Dubhain: Violent disorder. Serious public disorder outside South London nightclub during which Defendant sustained lasting brain injury. Case turning on detailed analysis of extensive CCTV footage.
R v Rosario: Child cruelty; assault by nursery nurse on 12 month old boy in her care.
R v Warner: Child cruelty; mother (Thai national, good character) repeatedly leaving 12 month old daughter alone at night in order to go to work.

Sexual offences

R v M: Defendant and two others jointly charged with multiple rape of complainant following night out in Watford town centre.
R v J: Defendant charged with historic sexual abuse of stepdaughter over 10 year period; acquitted on retrial. Legal argument as to admissibility of acquittals from first trial.
R v A: Allegation of sexual assault on London underground; cross-examination of blind complainant.
R v S: Defendant (male in early 20s, good character) charged with rape and sexual assault of two childhood friends.
R v Hall: Defendant (18 year old male) charged with causing a child to engage in sexual activity; cross-examination of 4 year old female complainant.
R v B: Defendant (61 year old female, good character) charged with historic sexual abuse of her neighbour's young daughter.
R v Cozma: Defendant charged with series of rapes and robberies against multiple sex workers in North London. Extensive and detailed forensic and phone evidence.
R v Arnold -Hemmings: Defendant (16 year old male) charged with conspiracy to rape and rob – Defendant and two others alleged to have planned and carried out attack on sex worker in her home.
R v Marena: Stranger rape; Defendant befriending two drunk sisters whom he accompanies home. Attacks one sister and leaves stealing house keys; returns later once other sister alone in property.


R v Bari: Conspiracy to supply class A drugs and associated possession of numerous firearms with intent to endanger life.
R v Dike: Defendant (35 years and of good character) charged with series of 5 armed robberies of banks/building societies across Midlands, North East and London.
R v Badmus: Multiple armed robberies/attempted robberies of pawn shops across South London.


R v Padilla: Immigration fraud. Defendant (67, good character). His company held a Home Office ‘sponsorship licence' for certain types of visa applications. Over 5 year period and for substantial financial gain Defendant assisted with what Court found to be a "very substantial number" of fraudulent visa applications by creating and providing false documentation (payslips, contracts of employment etc), sponsorship, and evidence of purported salaries.
R v Lutfullah: "Cash for crash" insurance fraud. Defendant charged with 3 others. Defendant contributing to the fraud in several significant ways; found to have had close involvement with and a strong connection to ringleader.
R v Malaolu: VAT fraud; fraudulent vat repayment claims worth £250,000.00 made over 4 year period. Defendant (accountant) jointly charged with company director; cut throat defence.
R v Akinwumiju: Conspiracy to defraud DWP of £800,000 plus in Sure Start Maternity Grants. Defendants a mixture of DWP employees and externals; represented an external Defendant who absconded and tried in absence.
R v Masud: Benefit fraud; female Defendant (and partner) making range of false claims over extended period; valued approximately £100,00.

Dishonesty/acquisitive offences

R v Dinc: Defendant and husband charged with theft from Barlcays Bank. Defendants alleged to have pressurized Barclay's employee into transferring over £180,000 into their accounts over 18 month period.
R v Bishop: Defendant charged with theft: he and an associate visiting homes of elderly women in Central London and stealing jewellery; cross examination of elderly complainants.
R v Garcia: Conspiracy to steal; Defendant part of group staging fake high value robbery of a courier delivering cash to banks in City of London.
R v Greenhow: Conspiracy to burgle: campaign of burglaries of schools in East London targeting computer equipment valued at over £300,000.

Further Professional Information:
Accredited advocacy trainer (Grays' Inn)
Approved pupil supervisor

Criminal Bar Association.

French, Dutch.