Gary Hodkinson


Year of Call: 2010

Practice Group(s): Civil, Public & Regulatory

Portrait of Gary Hodkinson


Practice Profile:
Gary has a mixed commercial / chancery practice focusing on all types of commercial disputes, whether arising from contract or other breach of duty, including joint ventures, partnerships, shareholders' and directors' disputes, commercial fraud, sales of goods and services, agency and professional negligence particularly in relation to legal and financial services, property, trusts of land, landlord and tenant, contentious probate and Inheritance Act claims. He is highly regarded for providing astute commercially sound advice and providing excellent client care. His long experience as a solicitor before he transferred to the Bar means that he is attuned to and sensitive to the demands placed on legal professionals and their lay clients.

Notable Cases:
Abbey plc v Fairbrother [2007] IRLR 320

Industrial Law Society

Sailing and Golf

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