Ross Talbott


Year of Call: 2008

Practice Group(s): Crime

Portrait of Ross Talbott

LLB (Hons.) First Class

Practice Profile:
Ross is regarded as one of the leading barristers in the South-East and is regularly instructed in respect of the most serious cases to come before the criminal courts.

Described by Chambers and Partners 2019 as;

"A well-regarded junior who prosecutes and defends serious sexual offences and organised crime cases. He is regularly instructed in complex criminal matters such as current and historic sexual assault allegations."

"He is very meticulous, very easy to deal with and shows exceptional judgement."

"He is a great tactician in jury trials."

Notable Cases:

Leading Junior

R v BA [2018] – Defending young man charged with attempted murder and blackmail
R v ST [2017] – Defending prison officer charged with conspiracy to convey class A drugs in to HMP Lewes
R v JW [2015] – Defending multi-victim conspiracy to commit acid attacks and armed robbery
R v SF [2013] – Defending large-scale conspiracy to supply class A drugs and firearms

Junior Alone

R v TS [2019] – Defending university student accused of the rape, assault by penetration and sexual assaults of three young, unconscious women across a four-year period
R v ET [2019] – Defending step-father accused of subjecting his twelve-year-old step-daughter to a campaign of sexual abuse including vaginal, oral and anal rape
R v CM [2019] – Prosecuting lodger for systematic sexual abuse and rape of a seven-year-old girl
R v CE [2018] – Defending grandfather accused of raping and indecently assaulting two of his grandchildren for more than a decade
R v ME [2018] – Defending man charged with assisting a murderer following a brutal stabbing
R v RC [2018] – Defending grandfather accused of anally raping, sexually assaulting and inciting his granddaughter to commit sexual acts over a period of seven years
R v KE [2018] – Defending importation of large amount of cocaine
R v DM [2018] – Defending young man accused of violent rape during which the complainant was detained with gaffer tape and her hair pulled out
R v PM [2018] – Defending former city-trader charged with a series of armed robberies
R v PB [2017] – Defending multiple count vaginal, anal and oral rape and domestic violence within a relationship
R v JG [2017] – Defending priest charged with torture and sexual abuse of young boys and grown women
R v GC [2017] – Defending father accused of assault by penetration of own children
R v SR [2017] – Prosecuting case of grooming, sexual abuse and distribution of indecent images of a vulnerable girl
R v JW [2017] – Defending a young man charged with Conspiracy to Abduct a Child
R v CC [2017] – Defending allegations of people trafficking involving Iraqi nationals
R v GJ [2017] – Defending public school master accused of indecent assault of pupil
R v CO [2017] – Defending rape of unconscious teenage girl
R v CB [2016] – Defending multi-victim historic buggery case with allegations dating to 1950
R v AH [2016] – Defending false imprisonment, sexual assault and threats to kill of 18-year-old girl with mental age of eight
R v MP [2016] – Defending rape of teenage girl by neighbour
R v MK [2016] – Defending brutal night-time stranger rape and multiple sexual assaults against eight victims
R v BY [2016] – Defending historic sexual abuse of step-son by step-mother
R v TF [2016] – Defending three-defendant rape of 12-year-old girl
R v MA [2016] – Prosecuting historic sexual abuse of step-daughter
R v PC [2016] – Prosecuting historic sexual abuse of great-granddaughter
R v MW [2016] – Defending historic rape of sister
R v JD [2016] Defending historic sexual abuse of step-daughter
R v BY [2016] – Defending historic sexual allegations against female defendant
R v AP [2015] – Defending attempted murder by shooting of rival gang-member
R v EC [2015] – Defending multiple counts of rape
R v DC [2015] – Defending historic rape of sister
R v PB [2015] – Defending historic sexual abuse of daughter and step-daughter
R v BK [2014] – Defending historic abuse of four brothers within the church

Led Junior

R v PM [2019] – Defending extensive conspiracy to traffick for exploitation and modern slavery allegations
R v ZD [2016] – Defending threats to carry out school massacre
R v MS [2015] – Defending murder of baby by father
R v ZK [2014] – Defending gang-related conspiracy to murder
R v JV [2014] – Defending gang-related eight-defendant murder
R v AN [2014] – Defending murder of love rival
R v RH [2014] – Defending murder of homeless man
R v MH [2014] – Defending multi-million pound money-laundering and drug importation
R v IK [2014] – Defending largest heroin importation on record at the time
R v JC [2013] – Defending conspiracy to enslave

Further Professional Information:
CPS Rape and Serious Sexual Offences Prosecutor
CPS Level Three Prosecutor
Pupil Supervisor

South Eastern Circuit Exec Committee
Sussex Bar Mess Circuit Rep
Middle Temple