Successful appeal against conviction for failure to surrender on basis it was a nullity

October 29, 2019

In R v F, the Appellant absconded and left the UK whilst awaiting trial for 2 counts of section 18 GBH stabbing. In an appeal heard on the 8th October 2019 before the Court of Appeal, Paramjit Ahluwalia successfully appealed the conviction relating to the failure to surrender on the basis that it was a nullity. In addition, it was successfully argued that further to the 9 months imposed for the failure to surrender, the additional 68 days that the Appellant spent in extradition custody in Slovakia should also count and be deducted from sentence.

Paramjit Ahluwalia is a member of the Lamb Building Crime Team and has a practice in both first instance and appeal cases. She is the author of the chapter on Modern Slavery, Trafficking and Immigration Offences in Blackstone's Criminal Practice 2020.

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