Schedule of fees and charging policy

The following hourly rates are intended to provide some general guidance to fees for attendance at court in standard cases.

It should be noted that all brief fees are considered individually. It is not possible to give an exhaustive list of factors that might affect the charge for a given case. In particular the guide figures may be inappropriate to cases in which a barrister is instructed on the basis of a specific expertise or speciality or where work requires urgent attention. It may also be necessary to take into account practical considerations, such as travelling time and expense. On occasions, a fee shall be agreed that varies according to the time actually taken in dealing with a matter.

Conditional Fees

We undertake work on a conditional fee basis in appropriate cases. Please contact the clerks for further details.

Public funding

We are happy to accept instructions on a public or a privately paid basis.


Please contact the clerks for details of mediation fees.