Ross Talbott is recognised as one of the leading barristers in the South-East and is regularly instructed in the most serious cases to come before the courts. He is widely recognised as an expert in cases involving recent and non-recent serious sexual allegations and those involving the sexual, physical and emotional abuse of children and vulnerable adults.

Ross accepts instructions in both the Criminal and the Family Courts, applying his expertise across both jurisdictions in cases of the utmost severity.

Ross is regularly instructed as Leading Counsel in cases in which the instruction of two advocates is authorised.

Ross is appointed to the CPS Advocate Panel at level four (the highest level) and the CPS Rape and Serious Sexual Offences panel.

Professional Directories

Both Chambers UK Bar 2021 and The Legal 500 2021 rank Ross as a Leading Junior, describing him as follows:

“Ross Talbott specialises in prosecuting and defending in relation to serious sexual offences including child sexual abuse cases, as well as other matters. Both prosecuting and defending, he is praised for ‘controlling and dealing with some of the most difficult and demanding defence counsel in London’ and ‘providing a first-class service to the instructing solicitors and defendants he represents’.”

“Bright and hardworking, he has excellent judgement and is a pleasure to work with.”

“A well-regarded junior who prosecutes and defends serious sexual offences and organised crime cases. He is regularly instructed in complex criminal matters such as current and historic sexual assault allegations.”

“He is bright, very hard-working and great with clients.”

“”He is very meticulous, very easy to deal with and shows exceptional judgement.”

“He is a great tactician in jury trials.”

Criminal Law

In the Criminal courts, Ross is regarded as an expert in cases involving allegations of serious sexual offending and the sexual or physical abuse of children. Ross is instructed in cases across the country for both the Prosecution and Defence in cases involving both recent and non-recent allegations of child sexual abuse, rape, cruelty and offences involving the death or serious injury of children or vulnerable adults. Ross has vast experience in cases of this nature and is available to advise from the earliest stages of an investigation for both the Prosecution and Defence.

Family Law

Ross sits as a Recorder of the Family Court, authorised to hear both private and public law cases. He accepts instructions in all family cases, in particular those involving allegations of non-accidental injury and / or the sexual, physical or emotional abuse of children. Ross’s expertise in criminal cases involving allegations of this sort ensure that he is a popular choice when precise, incisive, and robust cross-examination of expert witnesses, alleged perpetrators, complainants or other professionals is required during Fact-Findings or Final Hearings.

Ross’s expertise in cases of child sexual abuse, child abuse, neglect and rape allegations within the criminal jurisdiction ensures that he is able to offer detailed advice to his instructing solicitors and lay clients every step of the way in Family Law cases in which serious allegations are made. Ross is able to represent parents facing such allegations in both the Family and Criminal proceedings, ensuring continuity of counsel in the most serious and stressful of cases for parents.




LLB (Hons.) First Class


Criminal Bar Association Equality and Diversity Committee
Family Law Bar Association
South Eastern Circuit
Sussex Bar Mess
Middle Temple

Further Professional Information

CPS Rape and Serious Sexual Offences Prosecutor
CPS Level Four Prosecutor
Pupil Supervisor

Practice Areas


Rape and Serious Sexual Offences

2021 and upcoming cases

R v IB [2021] – Defending father against allegations of rape, sexual abuse, assault and child cruelty against his three daughters between the ages of five and ten

R v JC [2021] – Prosecuting young man for the rapes and sexual assault of multiple young girls that he befriended through social-media or at college 

R v JE [2021] – Defending teacher against allegations of engaging in sexual activity with twelve and thirteen-year-old boys

R v AB and KA [2021] – Prosecuting two defendants for the false imprisonment, torture and sustained sexual abuse of two sex-workers

R v CR [2021] – Defending brother against allegations of the repeated rape of his sister from the ages of nine to nineteen

R v SM [2021]Prosecuting Father accused of raping and sexually assaulting his three-daughters

R v JG [2021] – Defending step-father against allegations of repeatedly raping and sexually abusing his step-daughter between the ages of six and eleven

R v MG [2021] – Prosecuting man accused of rape at a house-party

R v JR [2021] – Defending man accused of sexually assaulting his daughter’s ten-year-old best-friend and covertly recording children by way of a spy cam installed in the bathroom of his home

R v SA [2021] – Prosecuting a man for the kidnap, false imprisonment and sexual assault of a vulnerable woman

R v TL [2021] – Defending young man accused of the sexual assault by penetration his best-friend’s partner

R v MH [2021]Defending man accused of sexually assaulting his five-year old step-daughter

R v SH [2021] – Defending step-father for campaign of rape and sexual offences against his step-daughter for more than a decade

R v RB [2021] – Prosecuting Father for systematic rape and sexual abuse of young family member from the age of 8

R v PK [2021] – Defending father accused of multiple attempted rapes of his 15-year-old daughter



R v IH [2020] – Defending “cold-case” rape of a young boy who was snatched from a canal towpath and raped in the undergrowth in the 1980s

R v MJ [2020] – Prosecuting Grandfather for the systematic rape and sexual abuse of his Step-Grandson between the ages of six and fourteen

R v SP [2020] – Defending a man charged with the kidnap, false imprisonment and sexual assault of a child picked up from the side of the road

R v EO [2020] – Prosecuting False Imprisonment and Attempted Rape of a stranger in a park

R v JL [2020] – Defending church-organist for the sexual abuse of a brother and sister over a number of years in the 1990s



R v RT [2019] – Prosecuting step-father for historic rapes of his step-son from the age of ten

R v AG [2019] – Defending rape of unconscious female

R v BP, KT, OW, SR, IS and KQ [2019] – Prosecuting multi-defendant gang conspiracy to kidnap, falsely imprison, torture and sexually assault by penetration 

R v ST [2019] – Defending university student accused of the rape, assault by penetration and sexual assaults of three young, unconscious women across a four-year period

R v BS [2019] – Prosecuting DJ for sexual activity with a child

R v ET [2019] – Defending step-father accused of subjecting his twelve-year-old step-daughter to a campaign of sexual abuse including vaginal, oral and anal rape

R v CM [2019] – Prosecuting lodger for systematic sexual abuse and rape of a seven-year-old girl



R v CE [2018] – Defending grandfather accused of raping and indecently assaulting two of his grandchildren for more than a decade

R v RC [2018] – Defending grandfather accused of anally raping, sexually assaulting and inciting his extremely young granddaughter to commit sexual acts over a period of seven years

R v DM [2018] – Defending young man accused of violent rape during which the complainant was detained with gaffer tape and her hair pulled out



R v SR [2017] – Prosecuting case of grooming, sexual abuse and distribution of indecent images of a vulnerable girl
R v JG [2017] – Defending priest charged with torture and sexual abuse of young boys and grown women

R v PB [2017] – Defending multiple count vaginal, anal and oral rape and domestic violence within a relationship
R v GC [2017] – Defending father accused of assault by penetration of own children aged four and seven
R v CO [2017] – Defending rape of unconscious teenage girl


R v CB [2016] – Defending multi-victim historic buggery of eleven year old children with allegations dating to 1950
R v AH [2016] – Defending false imprisonment, sexual assault and threats to kill of 18-year-old girl with mental age of eight
R v MP [2016] – Defending rape of teenage girl by neighbour
R v MK [2016] – Defending brutal night-time stranger rape and multiple sexual assaults against eight victims
R v BY [2016] – Defending historic sexual abuse of step-son by step-mother
R v TF [2016] – Defending three-defendant rape of 12-year-old girl
R v MA [2016] – Prosecuting historic sexual abuse of step-daughter
R v PC [2016] – Prosecuting historic sexual abuse of great-granddaughter
R v MW [2016] – Defending historic rape of sister
R v JD [2016] Defending historic sexual abuse of step-daughter
R v BY [2016] – Defending historic sexual allegations against female defendant


R v CW [2015] – Defending rape of four-year-old girl

R v EC [2015] – Defending multiple counts of rape
R v DC [2015] – Defending historic rape of six-year-old sister
R v PB [2015] – Defending historic sexual abuse of daughter and step-daughter
R v BK [2015] – Defending historic abuse of four brothers within the church aged between five and twelve


Serious Organised-Crime and Homicide

R v JT [2021] – Defending man charged with perverting the course of justice by assisting two murderers after a Mother and child were killed (instructed as Leading Junior)

R v PM [2019] – Defending extensive conspiracy to traffick for exploitation and modern slavery allegations 

R v BA [2018] – Defending young man charged with attempted murder and blackmail (instructed as Leading Junior)

R v ME [2018] – Defending man charged with assisting a murderer following a brutal stabbing

R v ST [2017] – Defending prison officer charged with conspiracy to convey class A drugs in to HMP Lewes (instructed as Leading Junior)

R v JW [2017] – Defending a young man charged with Conspiracy to Abduct a Child

R v CC [2017] – Defending allegations of people trafficking involving Iraqi nationals

R v ZD [2016] – Defending plot to carry out school massacre (led by QC)

R v AP [2015] – Defending attempted murder by shooting of rival gang-member
R v JW [2015] – Defending multi-victim conspiracy to commit acid attacks and armed robbery (Leading Junior)

R v MS [2015] – Defending murder of baby by father (led by QC)
R v ZK [2014] – Defending gang-related conspiracy to murder (led by QC)
R v JV [2014] – Defending gang-related eight-defendant murder (led by QC)
R v AN [2014] – Defending murder of love rival (led by QC)
R v RH [2014] – Defending murder of homeless man (led by QC)

R v IK [2014] – Defending largest heroin importation on record at the time (led by QC)

R v SF [2013] – Defending large-scale conspiracy to supply class A drugs and firearms (Instructed as Leading Junior)

R v JC [2013] – Defending the first slavery case for over 200 years