Pupillage in Lamb Building


We offer up to three funded 12 months pupillages each year. Successful candidates can expect to be allocated supervisors who practise in the areas of particular interest to our pupils. A degree of flexibility is maintained to ensure that each pupil gets the maximum exposure to the range of work in Chambers.

This flexibility manifests itself through the allocation of several supervisors throughout your pupillage. You also have the opportunity to work with tenants beyond your pupil supervisors. We encourage the use of technology to improve efficiency. Advocacy training in particular take place at various times, in various locations and utilises remote video conferencing.

Pupillage at Lamb Building aims to ensure that upon successful completion you will have attained the knowledge, skills and attributes set out in Professional Statement for Barristers published by the BSB and found here bsbprofessionalstatementandcompetences2016.pdf (barstandardsboard.org.uk).

Pupils will have the flexibility to work out of our premises in Temple and Brighton.

The policies which govern pupillage at Lamb Building can be found below.



Each successful pupil will receive funding of £20,000.00 over the course of the 12 month pupillage. This consists of a grant of £10,000.00 for the first six and guaranteed minimum earnings of £10,000.00 for the second six. How much a pupil can earn over and above the guaranteed minimum in their second six is affected by a variety of factors such as the work load at the time and the practice area they work in.

Pupils are provided with financial support in relation to travel expenses and chambers will cover the cost of any compulsory courses which are attended during the first six.


The Application Process

Lamb Building conducts an application process outside of the Pupillage Gateway. Full details and an application form can be found below. We have one recruitment round per year which runs alongside the timetable operated by the Pupillage Gateway. Shortlisted applicants are invited to a half day session which normally consists of 2 interviews, including a short advocacy exercise and a written exercise.

The application form is anonymised prior to marking and assessors do not have access to the education/reference form. Individual questions on the form are marked on a sliding scale of; not met, partially met, fully met, exceeds and exceptional. Diversity data is kept strictly confidential.

During the interview candidates will be assessed on their presentation, legal knowledge, structure of answers and ethics as well as their grasp of the legal concepts raised during the interview.


Pupillage Vacancies for October 2024

Applications are now invited for a 12-month pupillage to start in October 2024. The application window opens on Wednesday the 4th of January 2023 and will close at 10:00 on the 8th of February 2023.

An application form and an education/reference are available to download at the bottom of this page. Please pay attention to the individual word limits. The information on the education/reference form will not be disclosed to those involved in shortlisting for interview. Your application form will be anonymised before it is marked.

The application form, the education/reference form and an accompanying cover letter should be saved in PDF format and emailed to pupillage@lambbuilding.co.uk. Please note applications will not be accepted before the 4th January 2023 nor after 10:00 on the 8th February 2023. Please include the confidential equal opportunities form, individual questions are optional.

Please direct any questions to pupillage@lambbuilding.co.uk

Please do not send any documents in addition to the application form, the education/reference form, a covering letter and the equal opportunities form. Further documents such as a curriculum vitae will not be considered as part of the process.

Last year’s application form is available to be downloaded below to give you an opportunity to see in advance what types of information will be required of you. Each question on the application form is assessed on a sliding scale of; not met, partially met, fully met, exceeds and exceptional.


Lamb Building Pupillage Policies

Pupillage Policy

Pupillage Application Form 2024

Pupillage Education and Reference Form 2024

Equal Opportunities Monitoring Form 2024