21.7.1965 Called to the Bar of England and Wales by the Inner Temple.
1.10.1966 Joined chambers – known at the time as the Chambers of Stanislaus Seuffert QC.
28.1.1985 Admitted to the Israel Bar and maintained a Tel Aviv office ever since.
5.10.1995 On the resignation of Kenneth Wheeler, the then head, elected Head of Chambers, a position held for the following 18 years (until October 2013). Chambers was known as the Chambers of Ami Feder.
17.7.2014 Elected a Master of the Bench of the Inner Temple.


Ami is best known for his particular interest in complex fraud.

He has a reputation for meticulous preparation of paper-rich cases and clear presentation of complex themes in court.

Lay clients and solicitors alike are impressed by Ami’s phenomenal recall and understanding of facts and figures aided by his unique coloured case notebook.

He is popular and respected by clients and opponents and is regularly commended by Chambers Directory.

Ami’s cases embrace, inter alie, commercial, revenue, corporate and personal insolvency, regulatory, directors’ disqualification, confiscation and assets recovery law.

On the Israeli scene, Ami is mainly concerned with commercial and probate matters.


“Geulah” High School Tel-Aviv
Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Tel-Aviv Branch) & LSE


South Eastern Circuit
Criminal Bar Association
European Criminal Bar Association
London Common Law and Commercial Bar Association
European Bar Association
Israel Bar
International Association of Jewish Lawyers and Jurists.

Further Professional Information

Israel Office:
Adam Law Offices
The Tower, 15th floor
3 Daniel Frisch St.
Tel-Aviv 64731

Tel: +972 3 607 8888
Fax: +972 3 607 8889

Please contact Mr Feder at his London office in the first instance:


Hebrew (fluent spoken and written)


Theatre, opera, squash and running

Practice Areas


R v Gull & Others (Operation Pipe 2014) 2017
Fraud – an investigation by the Kent and Essex Serious Crime Directorate targeting those involved in the theft and distillation of millions of pounds worth of fuel from the network of underground pipelines which transmit varying petroleum products between refineries and customers.

R v MacLeod & Others (Operation Cocoa Bean HMRC) 2015
Fraud – VAT multi-million pound cheating the Public Revenue in the construction industry

R v Anderson & Others (Operation Daybreak – CoLP) 2012
‘Ponzi’ fraud – the largest ever multi million pound fraudulent investment scheme perpetuated by Kautilya Nandan Pruthi. Case followed civil proceedings instituted by the FSA against the defendants in the Chancery Division.

R v Odedra & Others (Operation Ghast – HMRC) 2011
Fraud – multimillion pound VAT MTIC/Carousel conspiracy in the which the client’s company, the UK acquirer, engaged in contra trading, with missing traders, to conceal output tax.

R v Reichelt & Others (Operation Coolant – HMRC) 2011
Fraud – VAT repayment scheme utilising HMRC’s facility of “Option to Tax” land and buildings, on the purchase of a London WC1 hotel.

R v Sarig & Anor (Operation Alien – HMRC) 2010
Brokering arms deals – with intent, evading prohibition on trade in controlled (Military List) goods between third countries, imposed by Article 4 of the Trade in Goods (Control) Order 2003, by failing to apply to the DTI/BERR (now BIS) for Standard Individual Trade Control Licences (“SITCL”).

R v O’Sullivan & Others (Operation Octopus – VOSA) (2009)
Fraud – “trading in the margins”, a multimillion pound trading scheme designed to undermine the Operator Licensing System and Road Transport legislation in the UK.

R v Crosswaite & Others (Operation Venturi – HMRC) (2007)
Fraud – multimillion pound VAT and money laundering scheme. On acquittal was followed by civil action – Central Stream Services Ltd (In Provisional Liquidation) – v – Crosswaite & Others (Ch. Div.)

R v Gambell & Others (Operation Chocoholic – SOCA) (2007)
Drugs – importation of cocaine in container cargo of bananas from Colombia – joint operation with Costa Rican Authorities. Multi disciplinal and jurisdictional confiscation proceedings.

R v Linton & Others (Operation Bowdle) (2007) Murder – drug trade related.

R v Lindsay & Others (Operation Magic) (2006)
Fraud – cheque forgeries by its Treasury Accountant investigated by one2one fraud investigators which gave rise also to civil proceedings in the Queen’s Bench Division.

R v Bell & Others (Operation Semi – Customs and Excise) (2006)
Fraud – VAT multimillion pound MTIC/Carousel in the computer chips trade.

R v Freedman & another Inland Revenue (2006)
Fraud – Corporation and personal tax concerning the activities of Hong Kong & BVI companies. Multi disciplinal and jurisdictional issues confiscation proceedings.

R v George & Others (Operation Vitric – Customs and Excise) (2005)
Fraud – VAT multimillion pound MTIC/Carousel in the computer chips trade. Case stayed on the 42nd day of an abuse of process argument.

R v Blair & Others (Operation Europe – Customs and Excise) (2002/2003)
Fraud – VAT multimillion pound MTIC/Carousel in computer chips trade and money laundering.

R v Morgan & Others (Operation Euterpe – Customs and Excise) (2002)
Fraud – VAT multimillion pound MTIC/Carousel in computer chips trade.

Re Dennis Hilton Ltd [2001] All E.R. (D) 52 (Ch. Div.) Company director disqualification, whether abuse of process when no application for or disqualification order was made when tried by a criminal court.

R v Singh & others [2000] 1 Cr App R 31 – intimidation whether proof required that investigation in fact under way.

R v Hutchinson & Others (Operation Methusela – Customs and Excise) (1999/2000)
Fraud – VAT & Excise multimillion pound diversion in wine, beer and spirits trade & money laundering.

R v Radak & Others [1999] 1 Cr App R 187 – money laundering, the effect of Article 6 ECHR on the admittance of written statement of prosecution witness who refused to attend trial.

R v Hawkins & Others (Operation Galleon – Customs and Excise) (1999)
Fraud – VAT & Excise multimillion pound diversion in wine, beer, spirits trade.

The State of Israel v Max Rudman (1997)
Fraud – perpetrated by bogus investor on Bank Hapoalim & The Israel Capital Investment Centre. (District Court of Jerusalem – with Director of the Economic Section in the Israel Attorney General’s Office).

R v Gopalan & Others – (Customs and Excise) (1997)
Fraud – VAT & Excise multimillion pound diversion in wines, beer & spirits trade.

R v Haeems & Others (Customs and Excise)(1995)
Fraud – VAT multimillion pound in European gold trade.

R v Gursoy & Others (Customs and Excise and Inland Revenue)(1993)
Fraud – VAT & Tax multimillion pound in rag trade.

R v Jogia & Others (Customs and Excise)(1992)
Fraud – VAT multimillion pound in European gold trade.

Frearson & Others (1991/1992)
Fraud – mortgage.

Singh & Others (1991)
Fraud – corporate insolvency/arson and fire insurance claim. On acquittal was followed by civil action – Singh & Others v Royal Insurance Co Ltd (Queen’s Bench Division)