Beverly prosecutes and defends, instructed in the most serious and complex criminal offences, as an example, she has been instructed as leading and sole counsel in over fifteen murder trials. Since 2007 she has been assessed as Grade 4 prosecution counsel. She has appeared in numerous Courts Martial. Beverly also practices in South Wales.

Practice Areas


Instructed as Leading and sole counsel in the following trials: –

R v H and 6 others –child sexual exploitation case.
R v A 2 others –Murder and violent disorder.
R v F- Murder /Attempt Murder-fitness to plead.
R v Cand P -Murder- causation
R v D –Murder and Attempt murder.
R v Hussein- Appeal against conviction –armed robbery.
R v H and 3 others – Gang rape.
R v C and M-S18 OAPA-anal and vaginal rape
Rv KB – Murder.
R v B Murder.
R v – Murder.
R v M G- Murder.-
R v A – Murder- fit to plead.
Rv L A – Murder.
R v G W –Murder.
R v K and P- Murder.
R v M H – Murder.
R v V and 10 others – Conspiracy to steal from employers.
R v S and 9 others OCG drugs.

Some notable cases as Junior Counsel and acting as sole advocate:-

R v D and 6 others- Child Sexual Exploitation( junior)
R v A Attempt murder
R v L – Attempt Murder
R v AB–sole advocate then led in appeal against conviction in Murder conviction-issue flawed expert evidence /disclosure.
R v W and Others(-junior- Murder x3 familial homicide x 7 assisting an offender x 2.
R v H W – (junior) murder of new born.
R v Q and 2 others – sole advocate- conspiracy to commit misconduct in a public office- police officer passing intelligence to members of organised crime gang.
R v W – 15 year old defendant – attempt murder and rape of 14 year old – life changing injuries.
R v Y and L (Junior) Murder cell confession.
R v S and J- Attempt murder gang related successful application to adduce hearsay evidence witnesses in fear due to direct conduct of the defendants.
R v J M – prison officer- rape of daughter from baby to age five.
R v T O – Junior- Murder of police officer/Attempt murder x2
R v B and 10 others – drugs conspiracy – sole defendant acquitted after confession and previous conviction for conspiracy with some of the co-defendants was before the jury
Rv R – led junior murder and attempt murder of babies in so called Munchausen by proxy cases.
R v W led junior in what was Britains longest domestic siege – false imprisonment and multiple rape charges