Rachel is an experienced level 4 advocate.

Her main practice involves the prosecution and defence of homicide cases (murder, manslaughter, causing death by dangerous or careless driving) and rapes and serious sexual offences. She is also instructed in offences of serious violence (attempted murder and s18 offences), drugs conspiracies and arson.

Rachel has significant experience dealing with very young and vulnerable children, youth witnesses and defendants. She has dealt with section 28 hearings (pre-recording of cross-examination) involving vulnerable witnesses, and is experienced in dealing with intermediaries and other professional court supporters, including ISVAs.

Rachel has been instructed as lead counsel and junior counsel. She has been instructed in murder trials, attempted murder trials, and multi-defendant drug conspiracies.

She has regularly appeared in the Court of Appeal, and has drafted numerous successful advices regarding unduly lenient sentences.

She is a qualified advocacy trainer, for the CPS and for Inner Temple, as well as a youth specialist.

Rachel is also a fee-paid Judge, sitting in the Employment Tribunal at London South, and in the Social Entitlement Chamber in the South East. She was appointed to her judicial posts in May 2020.


Employment Judge (fee-paid)

Judge of the First-tier Tribunal (fee-paid)


Law (University College London), Bar Vocational Course (Inns of Court School of Law)


Criminal Bar Association

South Eastern Circuit

Further Professional Information

Accredited advocacy trainer (Inner Temple)

Approved pupil supervisor

Practice Areas


R v Lewis and Holden (2022):  prosecuted rape and sexual assault trial, 2 defendants charged jointly with rape of a vulnerable young woman in Pavilion Gardens, Brighton, convicted after 4 week trial

R v Highgate (2022): junior counsel in prosecution of defendant involving sexual offences spanning 40 years, with 8 complainants

R v Zieba (2022): prosecution of high profile trial, DPD delivery driver charged with causing death by dangerous driving at Seven Dials roundabout in Brighton

R v Mackie (2021): prosecution of 94 year old man for causing death by dangerous driving, trial as to the act

R v Russell (2020): sentence of defendant with schizophrenia who brandished knives at Gatwick Airport, causing the terminal to be evacuated

R v Mercer and Norris (2020): sentence for robbery in the home of a vulnerable victim, RN drafted and CA increased sentence from a suspended sentence to 3 years’ imprisonment

R v Bouzan (2019): trial involving sexual offences when def aged between 10 and 16 on younger sister and brother, 6 years imposed after trial, RN drafted and CA increased sentence to 10 years

R v Ivanov et al (2019): lead counsel in trial involving 6 defendants in conspiracy to supply class A drugs

R v Chesworth (2019): prosecuted a defendant with significant mental health issues pleaded guilty on day 3 of trial to sexual activity with a child, drafted RN and CA increased sentence from a 2 year imprisonment suspended for 24 months to 3 years on each count

R v Warren (2018): prosecuted case of rape, where defendant climbed through bedroom window and raped ex-partner, whilst on licence for similar offence, sentenced to life imprisonment

R v Hanley (2018): attempted murder trial, domestic incident

R v Allen (2018): rape trial, high profile trial involving university students

R v Harris (2018): police officer charged with misconduct in office and possession of indecent images, high profile, appealed his sentence, drafted RN and CA refused his appeal and ordered costs

R v Rafie (2017): rape trial at CC, drafted RN for Court of Appeal in respect of appeal conviction, and subsequently attended CA to deal with appeal sentence involving the cross examination a witness over live link

R v Lewis et al (2017): trial of 4 defendants, rape, assaults and perverting court of justice

R v Watson (2017): rapes, controlling behaviour and assault

R v Conlon (2017): first Sussex prosecution at CC of controlling coercive behaviour, subject to appeal of sentence which was refused, leading authority on sentence

R v Howes and Vye-Parminter (2017): homophobic s18 sentence following guilty pleas, drafted RN and CA increased sentence from 5y 4m to 7 y

R v Mula et al (2017): kidnap, false imprisonment and drugs trial, attended CA following convictions, sentences were upheld, argument regarding basis of plea of one defendant

R v George (2016): conspiracy to supply drugs and firearms, drafted RN, CA increased sentence from 5y7m to 7y 8m

R v Corbin et al (2016): prosecuted conspiracy to steal involving 15 defendants, employees at Gatwick airport

R v Hasa, Nezaj and Mula (2015): prosecuted multi handed trial involving Albanian drug gang kidnapping a man in central Brighton

R v O’Clee (2015): bigamy case involving significant media interest

R v Love (2014): high profile s18 trial involving a woman biting off part of another woman’s nose during a pantomime at Butlins

R v Palmer and Johnson (2013): junior in murder trial, one youth defendant

R v Curtis (2013): junior counsel in manslaughter case involving young child, complex medical evidence and legal issues as defendant had previously pleaded guilty to s20 and served his sentence before the child died

R v Cannon (2013): home robbery of elderly victim, unduly lenient sentence passed, drafted RN, CA increased sentence

R v Dennett (2012): sexual assault on 4 year old girl, both counsel in remote room with child for her evidence, featured in Counsel magazine and an intermediary magazine as ground breaking

R v Osolase (2012) – junior counsel in trafficking and rape trial involving 39 hours of ABE evidence, 7 week trial in Canterbury CC, defendant convicted and sentenced to 20 years’ imprisonment

R v Coton (2012): prosecuted attempted murder trial, defendant convicted, domestic incident

R v Brown (2012): complex case relating to abuse in care homes for dementia patients, abuse of argument following discovery of OIC’s breaches of CPIA unsuccessful

R v Murphy (2012): Court of Appeal reported case regarding procedure in committal for sentence cases

R v McMillan (2011): junior counsel in murder trial, high profile as victim transgender

R v Price (2010): prosecution of high profile celebrity for driving offences

R v Beaney (2010): sentence in case of homophobic assaults and false imprisonment, drafted RN, CA increased sentence

R v McNulty (2008): prosecuted attempted murder trial as sole counsel, defence called two psychiatrists regarding insanity, jury convicted defendant of attempted murder


Reported cases

R v Mula, Hasa and Nezaj [2017] EWCA Crim 32 (appeals against sentences, argument regarding basis of plea)

R v Purlis [2017] EWCA Crim 1134 (appeal against conviction, argument relating to facial mapping expert evidence)

R v Murphy [2012] EWCA Crim 469 (argument relating to the basis upon which a case was committed for sentence)