Domestic Homicide and serious offences

Paramjit is a committed, experienced criminal defence practitioner specialising in cases concerning domestic homicide, firearms and large scale drug supply, importation and Encrochat.
She frequently represents as sole junior or leading junior in attempted murder cases, modern slavery matters and immigration offences due to her specialisms in the field.

Modern Slavery, Human Trafficking and section 45 Modern Slavery Act defence

Paramjit has been named by the Observer (culture) in January 2019 as a ‘new talent: rising star’ in relation to her work ‘representing society’s most vulnerable, fighting human trafficking, modern day slavery and immigration crime.’
She is the contributing author to the chapter on Modern Slavery and Immigration Offences in the leading Criminal Practitioner Text Blackstone’s Criminal Practice. Paramjit has been leading junior counsel in ground-breaking modern slavery and human trafficking cases. She has a significant practice concerning Human Trafficking, Modern Slavery, County Lines, and section 45 Modern Slavery Act Defences. Paramjit was part of the Prison Reform Trust Advisory Group relating to amendments to the Domestic Abuse Bill and her article on duress and section 45 MSA 2015 was referenced within House of Lords debates on the amendments. She has been a speaker at seminars and workshops, including internationally at the ECPAT Conference in Paris to judges and lawyers from 7 European Countries- on ‘Trafficking for Criminal Exploitation’- October 2017. Paramjit can be contacted if in-house training is sought in the area of Modern Slavery, Trafficking and Immigration Offences.

Criminal Appeals and Advisory work

Paramjit regularly advises on publicly and privately funded appeals against conviction and sentence. She has appeared extensively before the Court of Appeal and has won appeals where original trial counsel advised negatively. Paramjit has also provided advice work in relation to charities (‘Class Acts- examining modern slavery legislation across the UK’), advisory work on illegal working legislation and representations advisory work to the Disclosure Barring Services.


BA Jurisprudence, Keble College, Oxford. Call 2002)


Homicide and serious criminal offences

R v FM – Murder (Liverpool Crown Court)
R v EM – Murder re-trial (Birmingham Crown Court)
Junior led by Clare Wade QC. Background of domestic abuse and coercive control in relation to high profile re-trial, issues included self-defence and diminished responsibility.
R v P (Blackfriars Crown Court) – Sole junior in attempted murder trial. Representation of woman with mental health vulnerabilities. Victim in coma for 2 weeks as a result of injuries. Acquitted of attempted murder, convicted of s18 GBH.
R v TJB (Croydon) – Sole junior in attempted murder. Stabbing by known acquaintance. Issue one of identification, acquitted of all counts.
R v N (Croydon) – Large scale drug conspiracy cases, concerning Encrochat.
R v F (Luton)– Case concerning Multi-handed Encrochat, drug and firearm conspiracies.
R v MA (Kingston) – Sole junior – Bangladeshi male accused of encouraging terrorism. Co-defendant represented by Naeem Mian QC. Acquitted.
R v AS (Central Criminal Court) – led junior, acquitted of manslaughter and possession of firearm with intent to cause fear of violence.
R v LM (Kingston Crown Court)– Representation of young person, acquitted of possession of firearm, ammunition and possession of drugs with intent to supply.
R v KM (Harrow Crown Court)– Concerned group attack on pregnant teenager, allegations of punching, stamping and force feeding detergent and attempts to pervert course of justice.
R v B (Southwark) – multi handed conspiracy to commit fraud- over £2 million- led junior- acquitted.

Human Trafficking, County Lines and Modern Slavery

R v M – Canterbury – Leading junior in multi handed 3 month trial – first on indictment. Charges stemmed over a 10 year period concerning human trafficking, modern slavery and exploitation.
R v O [2019] EWCA Crim 1389 – August 2019- Conviction successfully quashed in case concerning victim of trafficking.
R v M – Norwich – Defence counsel in case concerning county lines. Prosecution offer no evidence post defence representations.
R v HTD- Liverpool – Age dispute issues, vacating of guilty pleas for youth who had pleaded guilty to large scale cannabis production and VOT.
R v SG – Cardiff – County lines case- foreign national charged with serious conspiracy. Prosecution offer no evidence.
R v QS – Kingston – Defence counsel in multi handed complex trial- concerning International human trafficking of entire family units into UK and allegations of home factory production of identity documents.
R v VN – Harrow – Defence counsel for Victim of Trafficking, cannabis factory.
R v OB – Croydon – Multi-handed sham marriage conspiracy case. Crown offer no evidence.
R v PB – Chelmsford – Vulnerable woman charged with immigration document offences who went on hunger strike in prison. Non-custodial sentence.
R v B- Croydon – Leading junior counsel in multi handed international trafficking case concerning sexual and labour exploitation. Acquitted of all counts.
R v M – Junior counsel led in multi-handed people trafficking case -involved work on intricate disclosure requests from social services and UKBA.
R v H – Croydon – Case concerning policy by Secretary of State towards a young single mother, who was Albanian, charged with immigration offences, where claim of asylum upon the basis of being Kosovan. Granted absolute discharge.


Paramjit regularly advises on merits of appeal against conviction and sentence. Some of her reported cases include:

R v A [2020] EWCA Crim 1408 – Historic exploitation of applicant, a Victim of Trafficking coerced into criminal offending.
R v O [2019] EWCA 1389 – Convictions committed by a victim of human trafficking quashed as committed in context of life of repeated trafficking and sexual exploitation. Paramjit was fresh counsel in this appeal which was 11 years post the original offence.
R v Farbar [2019] EWCA Crim 1716 – successful appeal- applying the rule of specialty, an extradition defendant should only be dealt with for offences detailed in European Arrest Warrant.
R v AT [2018] EWCA 1890 – Fresh counsel at appeal- Dangerousness quashed in complex case concerning s5(1) Domestic Violence, Crime and Victims Act.
R v NR [2017] 1 Cr App R (S) 42 – Successful appeal against sentence of defendant who had carried drugs and SIM cards into prison for her partner. Bangkok rules (rules for the Treatment of Women Prisoners and non-custodial measures for women offenders) raised for first time – see also R v KG [2017] EWCA Crim 602.
R v D.S [2014] EWCA Crim 846, [2015] MHLR 336
Arson – successful appeal against sentence – Psychiatric evidence on community mental health treatment.
R v Dhabaneey [2013] EWCA Crim 2184 – Successful appeal against sentence for taxi driver
Regina (A) v Lowestoft Magistrates’ Court (2013) EWHC 659 (Admin)
Judicial review of magistrates’ decision to refuse to grant a reporting restriction.
R v Davis [2013] EWCA Crim 1038 – Successful appeal against IPP sentence. Hospital order and restriction order imposed in place, for wounding with intent.
R v Lima [2010] EWCA Crim 284 – quashing of ASBO.
R v Petrou [2009] EWCA Crim 1409– quashing of extended sentence and replacing with determinate sentence.
R v DEK [2007] EWCA Crim 2117– appeal against sentence allowed for youth charged with conspiracy to supply drugs.
R v Onung [2006] EWCA Crim 2813 – travel restriction order quashed in relation to drug trafficking.
R (on application of O) v SSHD [2006] EWHC 2469 – successful judicial review concerning age assessment.